10 Health Benefits of Yoga

yogaIf you are looking for a new corporate wellness activity, yoga is a great option.  Not only is it a good form of physical exercise, there are also mental and spiritual health benefits. Yoga involves a lot of mental focus, breathing control, meditation, and simple poses which are meant to strengthen both your body and mind. Both men and women can experience these ten benefits when doing yoga:

  1. Muscle Strengthening – holding up your body weight will increase your muscle mass
  2. Cartilage and Joint Protection – increasing your flexibility and preventing arthritis
  3. Increased Flexibility which is great if you have back pain.
  4. Immune System and Adrenal System Strengthening – draining your lymphatic system of toxic chemicals, cancer cells and infection which can regulate your adrenal glands and overall cortisol levels
  5. Heart Health – lowering blood pressure
  6. Improved Posture – helping eliminate neck and back pain
  7. Increased Cognitive Abilities – the concentration that yoga requires can increase long and short term memory, focus, concentration, problem solving skills and overall cognitive abilities.
  8. Better Bone Health – increasing bone mass as many yoga positions are weight bearing exercises
  9. Increased Happiness – higher levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body help decrease anxiety and depression
  10. Improved Digestive System – stimulating your body to pass food through quicker which aids in proper digestion

How are you helping your employees with health and wellness? Including yoga in your wellness program will help employees understand the benefits of this exercise. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can implement a wellness program, or expand your existing wellness program, contact an AssuredPartners NL Director of Health and Productivity.


Source: Fit & Me

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