5 Factors that Cause Lung Cancer Besides Smoke

WellnessNovember is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that more people die from lung cancer than from any other type of cancer? While many people think that smokers are the only ones at risk, lung cancer affects smokers and nonsmokers alike. Exposure to asbestos and radiation, as well as smoking tobacco products or exposure to second-hand smoke, contribute to the disease.

Smoking is the leading risk factor for developing lung cancer, and is accountable for almost 90 percent of all lung cancer cases. A smoker’s risk for getting lung cancer is 30 times greater than the risk of a non-smoker. In addition to smoking, lung cancer can be caused by several factors, including exposure to:

  • Radon
  • Radiation
  • Pollution
  • Lung disease
  • Asbestos

Smoking tobacco products remains the number-one cause of lung cancer, while not smoking remains the number-one preventative measure. Quitting smoking at any age can lower your chances of getting lung cancer. What better time to quit than on November 17, the American Cancer Society’s “Great American Smoke Out” day.

Many insurance companies and employers are offering tobacco cessation programs as part of their wellness initiatives. If you’re interested in learning more about implementing or enhancing a wellness program at your organization, contact an AssuredPartners NL Health & Productivity Manager.

Source: Zywave

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