5 Tips to Discourage Property Vandalism

Property and CasualtyIt may not be possible to completely protect business property from vandalism but there are many things property owners can do to discourage and force vandals to consider moving to an easier target. Below are five strategies that business owners can implement to help stop vandalism and costly claims:

  1. Leave the lights on in your building. Vandals like to target buildings that seem unoccupied.
  2. Install a tall fence around the building, making it hard for vandals to climb over. Consider planting flowers or greenery in front of windows, making them hard to access.
  3. Install cameras at visible points around the property. If this doesn’t discourage them, the video evidence can be used to catch and prosecute them.
  4. Clean up graffiti or broken glass as soon as it is found. Doing this will send vandals the message that no matter what they do, it won’t be left up long enough for anyone to see.
  5. Report any suspicious activity in your area to police. This will help bring police presence to the area.

Vandalism is relatively easy to prevent with a few simple precautions. There are several types of insurance to protect businesses from damages sustained by vandalism. To learn more about the best insurance options to protect your business, visit AssuredPartners NL Property & Casualty.

Sources: PropertyCasualty360

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