Vacation Time! Are You Covered?

Summer is typically the time of year reserved for vacationing with family and friends.  Where are you going this year?  The beach?  The mountains?  Maybe you are flying overseas for the Summer Olympics next week.

At AssuredPartners NL, we want you to have a safe and enjoyable trip, but we also remind you that not all health insurance policies cover medical expenses outside of the United States.  It is always a good practice to check with your insurance company before traveling to ensure your medical expenses are covered while you are out of the country.

Additionally, all vacations should be protected with travel insurance.  Knowing you are protected if something should go array will give you the peace of mind to truly enjoy the rest and relaxation you deserve.  Learn more on our Personal Insurance webpage.

While insuring your trip is important, so is protecting your home while you’re away.  Follow these safety tips so that coming home is as enjoyable as getting away:

*Stop your mail and paper service or arrange for someone to pick it up for you.  Full mailboxes or driveways are a sure sign that no one is home.

*Leave lights on or use automatic timers.  A dark house is inviting to burglars, but a few well-placed timers will give the appearance that the family is home, even if they’re not.

*Unplug.  Reduce the risk of a fire by unplugging as many items as you can, including computers and televisions.

*Be “Un-Social”.  Don’t broadcast the fact that you’re out of town on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Wait until you are safely home to post updates and photos from your trip.

 Happy (and safe) travels!

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