8 Tips for Businesses to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Senior Living Hot days of summer require energy-draining air conditioning to keep residents and employees comfortable. The cost to cool your building can be pricey but business owners can reduce energy costs and system failures by performing seasonal maintenance on their own.

These are nine things business owners can do on their own to save money on air conditioning:

  • Before the thermostat is turned to cooling mode, make sure the system has been on for at least eight hours to protect the compressor.
  • Make sure the area around the unit is clear of debris.
  • Replace AC filters every three months. A clean filter reduces fan pressure which requires less energy.
  • Leave the thermostat’s fan switch on auto.
  • Pull shades down to minimize the amount of sunlight.
  • Use zone thermostats to shut off ducts to areas that are not being used.
  • Use efficient lighting systems that minimize heat.
  • Having ceiling fans can result in 15 percent savings.

Another way to save money on air conditioning is to have a licensed technician come in once a year to inspect your unit. This will help reduce your risk of high temperatures, repair and energy costs. To learn more about energy efficiency, and ways your senior living community and business can save money, contact an AssuredPartners NL Senior Living agent.

Source: Hartford Steam Boiler

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