Answers to Common Insurance Questions: Marine

Answers to Common Insurance Questions: Marine *Each month AssuredPartners NL will answer common insurance questions faced by our clients. To submit questions for consideration, contact us.   

Marine insurance has a number of different meanings within the insurance marketplace. Coverage for backhoes and cranes is considered inland marine, while coverage for imports/exports during transit is referred to as ocean Marine. But marine insurance takes on added importance to a business owner when it affects coverage afforded an employee due to a workplace injury. Read on to learn the answers to a few frequently asked questions about marine insurance.

What is the Jones Act, and when does it apply to me?
The Jones Act, enacted in 1920 to protect the U.S. merchant fleet, gives special status and protection to members of a crew assigned to a vessel on a commercially navigable waterway. Injured crewmen are afforded maintenance (daily stipend) and cure (medical bills), regardless of fault, in lieu of state workers’ compensation benefits. The Jones Act also allows injured crewmen to sue their employer if negligence helped cause the injury.

I do not own a vessel; can I still have a Jones Act exposure?
If you have employees that are assigned to work on non-owned boats/barges, you could still have a Jones Act exposure. You would want to make sure that your company obtains Contingent Jones Act coverage if any of your employees work aboard a non-owned boat, barge, or piece of floating equipment. In addition, you will want to obtain United States Longshore & Harbor Workers’ coverage for non-Jones Act employees.

What is United States Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Insurance?
U.S. Longshore & Harbor Workers insurance is another federal employee compensation program covering employees who load, unload or repair vessels on or near wharfs, docks & piers. Like state workers’ compensation, it provides scheduled benefits to an injured worker and premiums are determined by specific payroll classifications. The injury need not occur near the wharf, dock or pier for coverage to apply.

If your business involves working on or near a body of water of any size, or uses floating equipment, the AssuredPartners NL marine team can help you identify marine exposures and secure the right insurance protection for your business. To learn more, visit: AssuredPartners NL Property & Casualty insurance.

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