Answers to Common Insurance Questions: Claims

Answers to Common Insurance Questions: ClaimsEach month AssuredPartners NL will answer common insurance questions faced by our clients. To submit questions for consideration, contact us.   

Not all claims can be prevented, so when a claim situation arises, it’s important to take advantage of the resources and tools available—including the AssuredPartners NL claims team. We act as your business partner and claims advisor to educate you on the ins and outs of reporting a claim, answers to commonly asked questions and more. Read on for answers to two common claims questions:

How do you determine if there are any coverage issues when damage is incurred?

When you file a claim, we start by reviewing your policy to determine the types of coverage afforded and available. We will work with your insurance carrier to submit the required paperwork, and also inspect the loss and review it to determine if there are any areas that could be interpreted in your favor. Our goal is to support you throughout the entire claims process, offering our expertise and knowledge to minimize harm, maximize compensation, and get you an outcome that is as favorable as possible.

How do contractual issues, such as hold harmless, waiver of subrogation and indemnification clauses impact who is responsible and for what?

Your policy of insurance is a contract. When you file a claim, there are other contracts and legally binding documents that can come into play. With these contracts, there may be certain contract language, including hold harmless, waiver of subrogation and indemnification clauses, which can impact your claim. Other terms and conditions could potentially be involved as well. The claims process is complex, even without contractual issues outside of the policy being involved. While we are not attorneys, the AssuredPartners NL claims team will review and evaluate the contractual and non-contractual factors involved in your claim to help you understand what’s going on, while advocating on your behalf with your insurance carriers.

If you have questions about the claims process, our team of dedicated specialists can help. To learn more or to contact us, visit: AssuredPartners NL Claims.

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