Answers to Common Insurance Questions: Schools

Answers to Common Insurance Questions: Schools*Each month AssuredPartners NL will answer common insurance questions faced by our clients. To submit questions for consideration, contact us.   

Schools are a cornerstone of our local communities. Education administrators are responsible for protecting these valuable institutions; including making sure that the school district is covered by the proper insurance policies. But, selecting the right policies and coverages for a school district can be difficult, with unique exposures ranging from crime and employee dishonesty to workers’ compensation and risk management. Read on for some answers to common questions about insuring your local school or educational institution.

What are important coverage types to consider?

The types of insurance policies you need are dependent on the school assets that need to be covered. Different schools require different coverages, but some common areas to consider include: buildings, staff and students, equipment, buses, grounds and sports fields, and other school property. Each asset may require different coverages. Scheduling a time to talk with your insurance agent is a great way to determine what level of coverage is appropriate for each item. It’s also helpful to review your policies frequently to identify gaps and any new exposures

Our school has security guards. Do we need special coverage for this?

Whether they’re armed or not, if your school employs security guards, officers or police departments, you’ll want to consider law enforcement liability coverage. This type of coverage can protect schools from damages caused by personal injury, bodily injury or property damage.

If you have questions about new or existing insurance coverage for your school district, our team of dedicated specialists can help. To learn more, or to contact us, visit: AssuredPartners NL Property & Casualty.

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