Answers to Common Insurance Questions: Your Home and Tornado Preparedness

Answers to Common Insurance Questions: Your Home and Tornado Preparedness*Each month AssuredPartners NL will answer common insurance questions faced by our clients. To submit questions for consideration, contact us.   

Tornado season is here, and now is a good time to double check your tornado plan and your insurance policy to ensure your home and valuables are covered. Storms can develop quickly, so take time now to review your policies and protect yourself from disaster. Read on for answers to three questions regarding your home and tornadoes:

Do I need to purchase wind coverage for my home?
Most homeowners policies include wind, however some homes, in coastal areas for example, exclude this coverage unless you purchase a separate policy and/or endorsement. Depending on your current home insurance policy, the answer may be yes, according to  Insurance Journal magazine. The American Association of Insurance Services, an organization that develops policy forms used by many insurance carriers, recently filed a cosmetic damage endorsement. This means that cosmetic damage from wind and hail to your home may no longer be covered if your insurer chooses to use this new endorsement. Cosmetic damage is defined as damage that affects the appearance of your home, but not the functionality. Contact your agent and ask them to double check that cosmetic damage to your home is covered under your policy.

 How does my deductible come into play after a tornado?
Check your policy to see if you have a separate wind deductible on policy before a tornado hits. Your policy may include an all-peril deductible, or it may have a wind deductible. All-peril deductibles mean that no matter if your home is damaged by fire, theft or wind, the deductible you pay is the same. If you have a separate wind deductible, your deductible could be one percent of the dwelling value. Check with your agent to determine if you have an all-peril or a split wind/hail deductible.

There’s been an increase in volume of catastrophic events nationally. As we experience more disasters and losses, insurance rates go up nationally. Our team can work with you to ensure that you’re receiving the best rate for your insurance policy, and receiving all discounts that you qualify for.

If I’m under a tornado warning, where is the best place to seek shelter?
According to, if you’re in or near a structure, like a residence, nursing home or businesses you should head to a pre-designated shelter area such as a safe room, basement or the lowest building level. If there is no basement, go to the center of an interior room on the lowest level, such as a closet or hallway. If you’re in a trailer or mobile home, you should get out immediately and go to the lowest floor of a sturdy building or storm shelter. For more details about seeking shelter during a tornado, visit

Remember; take shelter immediately when dangerous weather strikes. For more details about how to prepare for a disaster, visit 15 Tips to Prepare for Spring Storms and Dangerous Weather. If you have questions about your home, auto and asset protection insurance policies, the AssuredPartners NL personal insurance team can help. Be sure to schedule an annual policy checkup to make sure that you’re adequately insured and getting all the discounts you qualify for. To learn more or to contact an agent, visit: AssuredPartners NL Personal Insurance.

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