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Why Your Ohio Senior Living Facility Should Apply for Safety Grants

If you’re a senior living owner or operator in Ohio there is a special Safety Intervention Grant Program that can help you purchase equipment to improve workplace safety. This program, administered through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation provides financial assistance to help meet and achieve your organization’s safety goals. According to the Ohio Bureau […]

Social Media Regulations in the Senior Living Industry

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit – do you know what your employees are saying about your senior living facility online? More importantly, do you know what your employee handbook says about employees’ use of social media? Recently, there have been several cases where certain employers’ handbook policies regarding employees’ uses of social media have been struck […]

Join AssuredPartners NL and Risk Management Solutions at the Ohio Health Care Association Convention

The Annual Ohio Health Care Association convention is April 28 – May 1, held at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. AssuredPartners NL and Risk Management Solutions will have a booths on the expo floor, and Risk Management Solutions will present two sessions at the conference, focusing on compliance and health care enforcement activities. […]

The Challenges of Dementia

Dementia… When presented with that diagnosis for you or for a loved one, the word can frighten and sadden those close to the patient. Despite the years of education by healthcare professionals and associations who specialize in specific types of dementia, the general public knows little about the signs, symptoms, or progression of the disease […]

How Subrogation Can Help Your Organization’s Return on Investment

When you run a business, sometimes reporting an insurance claim is inevitable. Accidents happen, and your insurance exists to help protect you from the financial losses associated with those accidents. When your company reports a claim, the company is responsible for paying the insurance deductible, or money paid out of pocket, before the insurance kicks […]

Why Your Business Should Have Cyber Liability Insurance

With the recent reports of data breaches in the news, you probably know that cyber attacks on businesses are a reality. Companies, both large and small, can suffer from data breaches that compromise their customers’ private information. In fact, companies with fewer than 100 employees are the hacker’s biggest targets. Part of any complete risk […]

How to Report a Commercial Insurance Claim

Insurance helps businesses of all sizes protect their operations, office buildings and employees. The right insurance coverage can help your business recover from repercussions stemming from incidents that happen both on and off-site and protect company assets by mitigating the loss. These incidents could include a customer falling and injuring themselves on your property, an […]

Claims Against Senior Living Providers are on the Rise

For budget-conscientious senior living facility owners, recent news released from the annual Aon Risk Solutions report may be troubling. According to the 2013 Long Term Care General Liability and Professional Liability Actuarial Analysis, the report finds that claims against providers have increased about two percent per year, while costs have increased three percent since 2010. Average claims are […]

Ensure Compliance with HITEC for Long-Term Care Facilities

In February 2009, Congress passed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The HITECH Act expands enforcement of HIPAA’s privacy and security requirements, and creates obligations for breach notification, information sharing, and business associate relationships. Most significant are the changes […]

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