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The evolving landscape of Long Term Care

Members of the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) recently announced a new three year initiative at the 4th Annual Quality Symposium in Houston, Texas. One of the most discussed topics was reducing re-hospitalization. Their findings showed that one in four persons that is admitted to a skilled nursing […]

Risk Management 101 – An Introduction

(This is the first installment in a series of blog posts exploring AssuredPartners NL’ Risk Management offerings.) The late author Ray Bradbury once said, “Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.” While this story gets the message across, most business owners and operators would prefer to have a […]

AssuredPartners NL Wins Wellness @ Work Award

AssuredPartners NL announced that its Cleveland office was a recipient of a Wellness @ Work award, presented by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The award recognized AssuredPartners NL commitment to employee health, work/life balance, continuing education, new life experiences, the community and an improved quality of life. To read more about the award, see […]

AssuredPartners NL Acquires Jenkins Insurance Services

AssuredPartners NL announced that it has completed the acquisition of Jenkins Insurance Services of Sellersburg, Ind. This acquisition will help AssuredPartners NL expand its presence throughout Indiana, and will allow the company to broaden its services in the employee benefits space. To read more about this acquisition, see the full press release here: Share […]

AssuredPartners NL Acquires Berryman Insurance Agency

AssuredPartners NL announced that it has completed the acquisition of Berryman Insurance Agency of Hartford, Kentucky. This is AssuredPartners NL’ first acquisition since its partnership with AssuredPartners, Inc. With additional offices in Owensboro and Hardinsburg, this acquisition will help AssuredPartners NL expand its presence throughout Kentucky, and will position the company to be more competitive […]

Contractual Risk Transfer 101

When signing a contract with a vendor or supplier, you are most likely agreeing to terms that are either bringing on risk or passing on risk.  Almost every company doing business has partaken in this for years.  But have you ever examined what is actually written in your contracts and how your company is affected […]

Are You Using Your Energy Wisely?

In today’s world, “green”, “energy efficient” and “sustainable” are definitely buzz words we seem to hear everywhere from products for your home to the clothes you wear to the companies you work with. Almost every business today is taking steps to be more environmentally friendly, but often times companies overlook their energy consumption as a […]

“How Are You Feeling Today?” The Role of Communication in Return to Work” Programs

As companies are looking for ways to reduce workers’ compensation costs and avoid unnecessary litigation, executives should consider the value of communications in corporate “Return to Work” programs. Below are a few tips on how management can improve internal communications surrounding “Return to Work” and workers’ compensation processes: 1) Be Proactive – Top management should […]

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