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November 21, 2016- Compliance Observer Alert- Welcome Extension for Furnishing ACA Statements and Penalty Relief

Welcome Extension for Furnishing ACA Statements and Penalty Relief  The IRS has extended the deadline for furnishing individual statements under Sections 6055 and 6056 for 2016 and has also extended good-faith transition relief from penalties related to 2016 information reporting under Sections 6055 and 6056. Announced in NOTICE 2016-70, the IRS extended the due date […]

November 18, 2016- Compliance Observer Alert- The Future of the ACA and Employee Benefit Plan

November 18, 2016   The Future of the ACA and Employee Benefit Plans It’s been over a week since the election results came in and since then, you have likely been inundated with emails, seen many television interviews, and heard other news sources espousing predictions of what is on the horizon for employee benefit plans, […]

Fleet Safety Newsletter- November 2016

Winter Driving Refresher Winter is approaching and now is an opportune time for some refresher training concerning the hazards of driving in Winter.Time spent reviewing winter defensive driving tips will possibly help from becoming involved in a collision.  All drivers can benefit from being reminded of the hazards and exposures they will face this Winter. […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel- November 2016

Safety Sentinel – November 2016 Driven to Distraction – How to Prevent Distracted Driving Motor vehicle collisions account for nearly 25% of all fatal occupational injuries and are the leading cause of work-related deaths. On average, an injury-related motor-vehicle collision costs employers $175,000 per occurrence.  The National Safety Council estimates at least 24% of collisions […]

November 7, 2016- Compliance Observer Alert- 2016 Reinsurance Fees are Due

November 7, 2016 2016 REINSURANCE FEES ARE DUE The deadline to submit your 2016 annual enrollment counts and schedule your 2016 reinsurance payment(s) is November 15, 2016.  This marks the third and final year to pay the reinsurance fees. Sponsors of self-insured group health plans are responsible for paying the reinsurance fees. If you are […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel – October 2016

Safety Sentinel: October 2016 Lockout/Tag-out Errors: “The Fatal Five” Lockout/tag-out refers to a series of procedures designed to keep employees safe while servicing or performing maintenance on machinery or other energized systems (i.e. electric, hydraulic, etc.) This handout outlines common lockout/tag-out errors, as well as employee attitudes which can contribute to these oversights.  All employees […]

Sep 16, 2016 – Compliance Observer Alert – Year End Compliance Requirements & Deadlines

September 16, 2016 Year End Compliance Requirements & Deadlines Key benefit requirements and deadlines for 2016. September Summary Annual Report (SAR) – A narrative summary of your Form 5500, including a statement of the right to receive the annual report, must be distributed to plan participants by the last day of the ninth month following […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel – September 2016

September 2016 Responding to Electrical Exposure Incidents Contact with low voltage electricity or lightning is often the cause of an electrical injury, usually a burn. The electrical current needs to be broken before help can be given.  If the casualty has been thrown by the current there may be a fracture; if unconscious the heart may […]

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