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Fleet Safety Newsletter – March 2017

Avoid Pothole’s and the Damage they Cause It’s a bumpy road out there — have you noticed? Across the nation, streets are riddled with potholes. And many drivers don’t realize just how much damage these irksome mini-craters can cause. AAA recommends the following measures to help protect vehicles from pothole damage: Inspect Tires — Make […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel – March 2017

Safety Sentinel – March 2017 Forklift Safety Refresher Course From the traditional rider-forklifts to specialized order pickers, walk-behinds, and very-narrow-aisle lifts nearly every manufacturing and warehousing operation uses forklifts somewhere in the process to move materials within their facility.  Ensure safe forklift operations at your facility by adhering to the following guidelines spelled out below. […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel- February 2017

Safety Sentinel – February 2017 Aerial Work Platform – Best Practices The typical boom-lift and scissor-lifts available for purchase or rent nowadays has two sets of controls. One set is installed in the work basket or platform, and are used by the operator during normal operations. However, there is a second set of controls installed […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel- January 2017

Safety Sentinel – January, 2017 OSHA’s New Slip and Fall Rules Employers in nearly every industry now face new stringent federal rules governing slip and fall prevention that until recently applied only to the construction industry. Most of the new requirements go into effect on January 17, 2017; but bewilderingly, some of the requirements on […]

Fleet Safety Newsletter- January 2017

Back Problems are NO Fun! Year-in and year-out, one of the greatest contributors to employee injuries continues to be back sprain/strain− irrespective of the industry we look at. People who drive, load or unload vehicles are susceptible to this injury type just as much as those who are doing other forms of material handling. How […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel- December 2016

Safety Sentinel – December 2016 Carbon Monoxide – Hazard Overview Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless odorless and tasteless gas that is toxic when inhaled into the lungs and acts as a chemical asphyxiate. Carbon Monoxide is virtually undetectable and can overcome workers without warning.  It is a common atmospheric hazard resulting from the incomplete […]

Fleet Safety Newsletter- November 2016

Winter Driving Refresher Winter is approaching and now is an opportune time for some refresher training concerning the hazards of driving in Winter.Time spent reviewing winter defensive driving tips will possibly help from becoming involved in a collision.  All drivers can benefit from being reminded of the hazards and exposures they will face this Winter. […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel- November 2016

Safety Sentinel – November 2016 Driven to Distraction – How to Prevent Distracted Driving Motor vehicle collisions account for nearly 25% of all fatal occupational injuries and are the leading cause of work-related deaths. On average, an injury-related motor-vehicle collision costs employers $175,000 per occurrence.  The National Safety Council estimates at least 24% of collisions […]

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