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Preventing OSHA’s Top 10 Citations

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 4,500 workers are killed on the job every year with the leading cause being falls. It is an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace so the Occupational Safety and Health Administration publishes a list of their ten most frequently cited safety and health violations in […]

CMS’ Arbitration Ban Suspended

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) ban on pre-dispute arbitration agreements in nursing homes has been suspended until and unless the injunction is lifted. According to a memo released by the Department of Health & Human Services on December 9, 2016, CMS will not enforce the new rule prohibiting skilled nursing facilities, nursing […]

How Senior Living Communities Can Combat Rising Claims

A recent report released forecasts the loss rate for long-term care facilities will increase by 6% in 2017 with claim frequency driving the increase at an expected 2% growth rate. This will be the fourth year in a row that the annual cost to defend, settle or litigate claims will rise, going from $2,150 last […]

Why Senior Living Communities Need Environmental Liability Insurance

When you think of environmental issues, the manufacturing or oil and gas industries likely come to mind, but chemical leaks and pollutants come from a variety of sources in senior living communities, especially as buildings and their systems continue to age. Environmental exposures that have been known to affect the senior living industry include: Bacteria […]

November 21, 2016- Compliance Observer Alert- Welcome Extension for Furnishing ACA Statements and Penalty Relief

Welcome Extension for Furnishing ACA Statements and Penalty Relief  The IRS has extended the deadline for furnishing individual statements under Sections 6055 and 6056 for 2016 and has also extended good-faith transition relief from penalties related to 2016 information reporting under Sections 6055 and 6056. Announced in NOTICE 2016-70, the IRS extended the due date […]

November 18, 2016- Compliance Observer Alert- The Future of the ACA and Employee Benefit Plan

November 18, 2016   The Future of the ACA and Employee Benefit Plans It’s been over a week since the election results came in and since then, you have likely been inundated with emails, seen many television interviews, and heard other news sources espousing predictions of what is on the horizon for employee benefit plans, […]

Protecting Residents Against Bed Rail Entrapment

The use of bed rails creates both a resident liability and regulatory risk for nursing homes. Steps to take to mitigate injury/death or citations include the following: Assess residents for physical or mental conditions that place them at greater risk for entrapment Identify other risk factors predisposing residents to entrapment Obtain a physician order Proof […]

CMS’ Arbitration Ban Challenged by the AHCA

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued a ban on pre-dispute arbitration agreements in nursing homes and earlier this week, the American Health Care Association (AHCA) filed a lawsuit against CMS claiming they violated the Federal Arbitration Act. AHCA filed the complaint with the Mississippi Health Care Association and three Mississippi healthcare […]

November 7, 2016- Compliance Observer Alert- 2016 Reinsurance Fees are Due

November 7, 2016 2016 REINSURANCE FEES ARE DUE The deadline to submit your 2016 annual enrollment counts and schedule your 2016 reinsurance payment(s) is November 15, 2016.  This marks the third and final year to pay the reinsurance fees. Sponsors of self-insured group health plans are responsible for paying the reinsurance fees. If you are […]

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