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Healthy Recipe: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Go ahead, eat pizza! Yes, pizza can be a healthier choice when you use this recipe for cauliflower pizza crust. Ingredients 12 ounces cauliflower florets, fresh or frozen 1/2 cup shredded reduced-fat Italian blend cheese 2 teaspoons Italian herb blend pinch cayenne pepper 1 egg white, beaten Directions Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Flip […]

Skin Cancer Prevention & Treatment

Most people describe sun-tanned skin as a “healthy glow,” but it’s not exactly the truth. There is no such thing as a healthy tan.  Any type of suntan is the result of sun damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.  The easiest way to prevent skin damage and lessen your chances […]

New U.S. Dietary Guidelines

About half of all American adults have one or more preventable, diet-related chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and overweight and obesity. However, a large body of evidence now shows that healthy eating patterns and regular physical activity can help people achieve and maintain good health and reduce the risk of chronic disease […]

Healthy Recipe: Clementine Chicken with Vegetables and Quinoa

Planning your meals for next week and want a succulent citrus treat? Oranges have numerous health benefits including helping to prevent the hardening of arteries, fighting cancer and reducing the risk of heart disease.  Try this clementine chicken recipe and celebrate National Oranges and Lemons Day on Thursday, March 31. Clementine Chicken with Vegetables and […]

Implementing a Compliant Wellness Program

Employers who offer health benefits to their employees may decide to implement wellness plans as a way to help control health plan costs and encourage healthy lifestyles. There are a number of legal compliance issues that are involved with designing workplace wellness plans. Wellness plans must be carefully structured to comply with both state and […]

Healthy Recipe: Revamped Girl Scout Cookies

Do you love those delicious Girl Scout cookies that are for sale this time of year but have made a commitment to healthy eating and are nervous about devouring a whole box? Why not make your own version of Tagalongs with a few substitutions so you can still indulge without feeling guilty?  This recipe has […]

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy in this day of busy schedules. When we spend most of our waking hours in the office, a healthy work environment will aid in our goals to obtain and maintain our best health, providing employers with happy and efficient workers. Use this guide to review areas of improvement […]

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