Changes Coming to Workers Compensation Insurance: Part Two

(This is an installment of Risk Management 101, a series of blog posts exploring AssuredPartners NL’ Risk Management offerings. In order to learn more about AssuredPartners NL’ approach to Risk Management, please visit the previous post. )

If you read the first blog post  addressing the changes that are coming to workers compensation insurance, you are likely to have a few questions. The first two that might come to mind: How does this affect my company? What can I do to prepare for the changes? The good news, AssuredPartners NL and our team of professionals is fully equipped to help you transition into the new program.

As with all of our offerings, we approach your business as an individual entity, and specifically tailor a plan that will help to reduce the chances of incurring losses. From the hiring process, to the day-to-day work that your employees encounter, we asses where you are safe, and where your potential risk is highest. From there, we provide strategic recommendations that will help you reduce those primary losses.

To find out how we can help prepare you and your company for these upcoming changes, please contact your AssuredPartners NL representative. If you are not currently a partner with AssuredPartners NL, we would be happy to help. To get in touch with us, please visit here.

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