Common Commercial Insurance Claims Part 2

Common Commercial Insurance Claims Part IIThe right insurance coverage helps businesses protect their people, their interests and their investments. Last week we discussed four common commercial insurance claims businesses might face. Now, we’re continuing the discussion, highlighting four additional types of claims that businesses could encounter. Here are four more types of claims you should be aware of:

  • Management Liability Losses:
    Consider Employer’s Liability or Director’s & Officer’s Liability coverage for protection against wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, and similar types of claims.
  • Crime Losses:
    Sometimes employee dishonesty or theft leads to claims. Crime and fidelity insurance coverage can offer protection against these losses by providing reimbursement for the stolen or damaged item, and recovery support.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Losses:
    This type of loss deals with claims stemming from cargo and transportation. Losses could be due to stolen cargo, refrigeration failure and more. {What kind of insurance?} insurance can help ensure that if you experience a transportation or cargo loss, your merchandise will be protected.
  • Products Liability:
    These types of losses deal with bodily injuries and property damage claims allegedly resulting from the use and or consumption of products manufactured or supplied by our clients.

Has your business thought about what might happen if it’s faced with any of the above common claims? Contact your insurance provider to learn more about the insurance coverages your organization should consider to protect your business and to learn more about any gaps in coverage in your policies. The AssuredPartners NL property & casualty team can work with you to review your existing policies, and provide support and guidance if you do encounter losses or claims. To learn more, visit: AssuredPartners NL Property & Casualty.

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