Construction Industry Challenges Part 2 of 3: Retaining Talent

June 20 - Construction Chall Part 2 of 3Every industry faces its own set of unique struggles, and despite the recent economic improvement, the construction industry still has its challenges. In our first-part of the three-part blog series, we discussed the challenge of attracting talent.

Another issue we face is retaining talent. It is vital to re-recruit those who are currently with your company.  We want to make sure the employees enjoy coming into work every day and are able to talk and trust their supervisors and coworkers.  Furthermore, it can cost thousands of dollars when an employee leaves, depending on the criticalness of their role in the company. Here are some tips to engage employees at work and retain this talent:

  • Help your professionals succeed through mentoring and partnership
  • Motivate and inspire your team by sharing the spotlight and giving credit where it is due
  • Maintain a positive demeanor by turning negatives into positives and asking how or what others are doing rather than telling them what to do
  • Assess your organization and its leadership through review surveys and feedback
  • Evaluate your own effectiveness as a leader

These are just a few steps you can take to retain your company talent and continue growing your construction business. In our final blog on construction industry challenges, we will discuss how to plan for succession and develop leaders. To learn more about AssuredPartners NL’s construction team and services that will help you protect and grow your company, visit AssuredPartners NL Construction.

Source: Construction Financial Managers Association

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