Creating a Healthy Work Environment

shutterstock_195571151Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy in this day of busy schedules. When we spend most of our waking hours in the office, a healthy work environment will aid in our goals to obtain and maintain our best health, providing employers with happy and efficient workers. Use this guide to review areas of improvement for your work areas:

Food Culture

  • Do most of the employees take meal breaks?
  • Do employees bring in high calorie foods to share with coworkers?
    • If so, how often?
  • Are birthdays regularly celebrated with cakes or other desserts?
    • If so, how often?
  • Do vendors provide unhealthy food such as donuts, bagels, pizza?
  • Are only healthy foods provided at company sponsored events?
  • Is a health food policy in place?
  • Is drinking water readily available and free of charge?

Vending Machine

  • Does your office offer a vending machine?
    • If so, is it necessary?
  • If a vending machine is necessary, can the contents be improved for nutrition? Can soda be removed? Can the company subsidize healthier options?
  • Can the healthier items be labeled?


  • Are employees free to move and stretch on their breaks or throughout the day?
  • Is there a designated walking area/path?
  • Does the company promote events such as a local 5k?
  • Is it possible to offer a regular onsite exercise such as yoga?

How healthy is your work environment?  To learn more about implementing a wellness program at your organization, contact an AssuredPartners NL Health & Productivity Manager.

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