How to Exercise Safely in Colder Weather

How to Exercise Safely in Colder WeatherAs the weather gets cooler, your employees may find themselves wondering how to transition their outdoor summertime exercise routines into fall and winter. It can be tough to find the motivation needed to stay active in the winter, especially for those who exercise outdoors. Since the health benefits of regular exercise don’t stop when the temperatures drop, it’s important to figure out how to safely, and enjoyably, exercise in the cold. Here are a few tips from The Mayo Clinic to help make cold-weather exercise routines a little bit easier:

  • Check with a doctor
    People with certain conditions, including asthma and heart problems, should check with their doctor before exercising outdoors in the cold. Special precautions may be needed, depending on the condition, so this step can help keep employees safe.
  • Layer up
    It’s easy to quickly heat up when exercising, but once the sweat dries it’s also easy to feel chilled. Layers can help keep you comfortable in the cold. The Mayo Clinic suggests wearing a thin base layer of synthetic material, then add a fleece for insulation followed by a waterproof, breathable outer layer. Each person’s body is different so the layers may need to be adjusted accordingly. A face mask or scarf can help keep the face warm.
  • Keep hands, feet and ears warm
    Extremities are vulnerable to frostbite when it’s cold out so don’t forget to wear a thin pair of gloves under your heavier gloves or mittens. You can take the heavier pair off if it gets too warm. A hat or headband can protect the ears while thick socks will help keep feet and toes warm.
  • Wear the right gear
    The sun sets earlier in the winter, so be sure to wear clothing with reflective strips so others can see you. Choose shoes with high traction to prevent falls on icy sidewalks and consider carrying heat packs in your pockets to warm up your hands if needed.

With these tips, it’s much easier to transition exercise routines into the colder months. For employees that are looking to exercise during the work day, here are five easy ways to fit exercise into the workday. Looking to integrate a wellness plan into your employee benefits? Visit AssuredPartners NL Employee Benefits to learn more or to contact an agent.

*Source: The Mayo Clinic

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