Fleet Safety Newsletter – April 2014

Fleet Safety Newsletter - March 2014

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented a new driver medical certification procedure. Drivers need to plan to avoid problems that could affect their qualifications to drive (ruling reprinted below).

National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME)
Beginning May 21, 2014, all interstate commercial vehicle drivers subject to medical certification may only use examiners that are certified and enrolled in the NRCME. The ability of a driver to locate a certified examiner may be more difficult. Scheduling an appointment, extra travel time and time away from work could make certification more costly.

What drivers can do to help avoid potential problems?

  • Know when your current medical certificate expires and plan ahead.
  • Go to the NRCME website to locate a certified medical examiner.
  • Schedule a medical exam early to ensure sufficient time for your state to receive and process your new medical certificate.

Self-certification for CDL drivers
Although the official deadline for all states to track driver medical certifications and include them on drivers’ commercial driver’s license (CDL) records has been delayed until Jan. 30, 2015, many states are already tracking driver medical certificates. According to this requirement, drivers must provide their state driver-licensing agency with the following records when their medical certifications are changed or updated:

  • A “self-certification” declaring the type of commercial vehicle operation in which the driver engages.
  • A current copy of the driver’s medical examiner’s certificate.

To check with individual state licensing agency about specific reporting procedures, requirements and deadlines – http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/sites/fmcsa.dot.gov/files/docs/Med-Cert-State-Instructions-FINAL.pdf

FMCSA Announces One-Year Extension of Paper Medical Certificate Requirement for Commercial Bus and Truck Drivers
The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) announced that it is extending by one year, until Jan. 30, 2015, a requirement that interstate commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders retain paper copies of their medical examiner’s certificate and continue to make the document available for review upon request at the roadside by federal and state commercial motor vehicle inspectors. In Dec. 2008, FMCSA issued a Final Rule modernizing, streamlining, and simplifying recordkeeping obligations for drivers, carriers and state governments by requiring that a driver’s medical certification record be merged with state-issued CDLs. States received support from FMCSA to implement the necessary IT system upgrades and merge the records into one, online database – the Commercial Driver’s License Information System. FMCSA announced the one-year extension to protect commercial drivers from being cited for violations because some states are not yet in full compliance with the new system.

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