Flood Damage to Outdoor Events

Flood Damage to Outdoor EventsWith the arrival of summer and the vacation season upon us, you may have spent less time than normal this past week in front of the TV.  If you happened to catch some news, you were most likely bombarded with the “Brexit” or the U.S. presidential campaign.  Many failed to catch news of the devastating flood in West Virginia, particularly in Greenbrier County, home to the Greenbrier PGA Golf Classic.

Taking place July 7-10, the PGA Golf Classic has been cancelled due to the catastrophic damage inflicted by a flooding creek that runs adjacent to the golf course. The cancellation will also allow focus on the recovery for countless residents and businesses in West Virginia. Please keep these folks in mind with your thoughts and charity.

Many fairways, greens, cart bridges and cart paths as well as temporary structures created for the PGA Golf Classic have been damaged. It may be months before the resort returns to normal.

Standard homeowners and business owners’ policies do not cover flood automatically as a cause of loss. You must purchase the coverage separately from your insurance carrier of the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Plan). Overlooked insurance coverages may be affected by this flood and should be considered, especially if you operate golf courses or ballpark/soccer/lacrosse/outdoor concert venues.

If you run a golf course, Tee to Green coverage can be purchased for damage on golf courses as a result of wind, lightning, vandalism, and if requested, flood damage.  Many Tee to Green forms do not automatically include flood as a covered cause of loss; those that do often only provide a small sublimit for floods, which may not be enough to recover. The cleanup of three feet of mud and debris that floated onto the golf course at The Greenbrier such as gas grills, lumber and yard waste, repaving cart paths, rebuilding washed out bridges as well as reseeding damaged fairways and greens could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Event cancellation insurance may also be essential to cover money in lost electronics, merchandise, and resort and hotel revenue.  Outdoor soccer and lacrosse venues, football fields, and small stadiums may not carry flood damage coverage and event interruption insurance.  Environmental cleanup from toxic waste may also come into play.  Businesses that are dependent on a big event such as restaurants, hotels and bus shuttle services, can also lose income from an event cancellation such as this one caused by flooding.  Insurance coverage can be structured to handle the lost income for these businesses.

We pray for a speedy recovery for all those in West Virginia impacted by last week’s flooding.

If you host outdoor events, contact us to review your policy to ensure you have flood damage coverage.  For more information, visit AssuredPartners NL Property & Casualty.

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