Four Simple Upgrades You Can Make to Your Home to Increase its Value

Four Simple Upgrades You Can Make to Your Home to Increase its ValueThe housing market varies from community to community, but one thing that rings true everywhere is that upgrading a home the right way can make it easier to sell. That said, certain upgrades can add more value than others. According to many experts, including some at HGTV, the following remodeling projects typically help improve your home’s value:

Kitchens – Kitchen improvements usually add value to a home, although, it can be very expensive to overhaul your kitchen. One quick fix that won’t break your bank is changing outdated hardware on your kitchen cabinets. This project can be done in a few hours after making a trip to your local home improvement store. Spend some time looking online and in magazines for ideas about what finishes and styles will look best with your kitchen.

Bathrooms – Upgrading an outdated bathroom can be an affordable way to increase your home’s value. If you remove wallpaper, paint, replace an unattractive light fixture, or remove unsightly tile, your bathroom can have a completely different look. These changes tend to be DIY projects that can often be completed over a weekend. Be sure to invest some time in some training before embarking on a DIY project.

Outdoor Improvements – A home’s outdoor appearance sets the tone for how people view it. Landscaping such as pruning trees and trimming hedges can be done by a homeowner. Be sure to read up on how and when to prune and trim so you don’t do any damage. Don’t forget the front door when making these improvements. A fresh coat of paint or stain and some new hardware can give a door a whole new look.

Home Office – Home offices are in demand these days because many people work from their homes. You can turn a den or another space into a home office by painting, and installing some built-in shelving. Make sure to spend time figuring out how the office space will flow before installing shelving.

If you are likely many homeowners, you take pride in your home’s appearance and put a lot of time into maintaining it. At AssuredPartners NL, we want to provide you with a homeowners’ policy that meets all your needs and expectations. Reach out to one of our experienced agents who can review your policy to make sure you have the right coverage to fit your life.

Source: HGTV

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