Healthy Lunch Ideas to Celebrate National Healthy Lunch Day

WellnessNovember is American Diabetes Month. The American Diabetes Association is celebrating “National Healthy Lunch Day” on Tuesday, November 17th. Help spread the message about the importance of good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle to counter the rising rates of Type 2 diabetes and obesity-related illnesses.

Before being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, most people develop “pre-diabetes.” People with pre-diabetes are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, have a 50 percent higher risk for cardiovascular disease. One way to prevent pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes is to eat a healthy lunch.

Here are six quick and healthy lunch ideas that will keep you satisfied:

  • Use two pieces of thin whole grain bread with two ounces of reduced-sodium lean turkey, hummus, spinach, bell pepper slices, and mustard. Add carrots sticks and light ranch dressing as a side.
  • Mix together quinoa, white beans, bell pepper, carrots and broccoli to make a whole grain and vegie salad; toss with some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Add grapes and a small handful of almost as a side.
  • Make tuna salad with canned light tuna, light mayo, diced celery, lemon juice, pepper and serve over greens with an apple and peanut butter on the side.
  • Pack a cup of leftover chili or vegetable soup. Top it with fresh tomatoes and nonfat plain yogurt instead of sour cream.
  • Fill a whole wheat tortilla wrap with rotisserie chicken, hummus, and greens.
  • Make a salad with non-starchy vegetables, cottage cheese, chopped nuts, and a tablespoon of light salad dressing.

Healthy eating habits increase employees’ productivity while on-the-job. If you’re interested in learning more about promoting a healthy lifestyle to your employees through a corporate wellness program, contact an AssuredPartners NL Health & Productivity Manager.

Source: Zywave, American Diabetes Association

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