How Homeowners are Getting Smart in 2017

Personal LinesAt first it was all about smartphones but in 2017, it is all about smart-homes. Homeowners are getting smart in 2017 with new technology that increases the safety of their home. There are now home automation systems which are more convenient, secure and efficient.

These new systems will allow homeowners to automate functions inside and outside of the home. It may even prevent homeowners from having to file claims. If you want to join the smart world, here are five must-have home safety technologies:

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting on the inside and outside of your home can turn on and off based on movement. It can go as far as following patterns and lighting habits—even when you’re away on vacation.

Smart Doorbell

See who is at the door without getting up. Smart doorbells can be setup in your home and you can see and speak to someone through your phone.

Smart Hub

Smart hubs are voice-activated speakers that can help you control all of the smart gadgets in your home. Play music, start your smart coffee pot or learn about the weather and traffic all by saying a voice command.

Smart Security System

Access to security systems and cameras throughout your home from any of your smart devices will make it easy to catch a burglar.

Smart Detector

Smart detectors can detect both carbon monoxide and smoke. These smart gadgets will emit an alert and locate smoke or carbon monoxide if it has a reaction. Some alarms even send text messages to you if it senses an abnormality in the air.

Safety should always be followed first. All of these smart home gadgets may sound pricey, but there are many options with prices varying. Having your home equipped with smart gear can help prevent burglaries, fires and other homeowners’ claims you may have to file throughout the year. To learn more about how new technology can help you save on insurance, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (844) 507-2528.

Source: PropertyCasualty360

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