How Much Caffeine is Too Much?

WellnessThe Mayo Clinic suggests that adults should limit their caffeine intake to 400 mg per day to avoid some unpleasant side effects including migraines, irritability, upset stomach and muscle tremors.  Here is a guideline for how much caffeine you can intake based on the type of drink, per day:

  • One and a half tall cups of Starbucks drip coffee
  • Two 2-oz bottles of 5-Hour Energy
  • Four 12-oz cups of McDonald’s coffee
  • Five 8-oz cans of regular Red Bull
  • Six 12-oz cups of black tea
  • Twelve 12-oz cans of regular Coca-Cola
  • Five and a half 12-oz lattes

Since most caffeinated beverages do not show the caffeine content, it can be tough to monitor how much you are drinking. These guidelines should help you to keep track and stay under the recommended 400 mg, daily dose. A healthy, nutritional diet and exercise are vital to a wellness plan. To learn more about initiating a wellness program, or building on an existing wellness program, contact an AssuredPartners NL Director of Health and Productivity.

Sources: Business Insider, Mayo Clinic

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