How to Avoid Homeowners’ Claims Series: Part 2 of 3

Personal LinesIn the first blog of this series, we discussed potential water hazards in your home and how to check and fix them. The purpose of this three part series is to remind homeowners that many loses are preventable and if they could have been avoided, insurance may not pay for damage, so we will move our focus to heating and electrical hazard prevention tips:

  1. Clean your chimney every year before you use it for the first time
  2. Maintain your hot water heater by regularly checking for leaks and flushing it
  3. Checking for loose fitting plugs in outlets, never overload your outlets with adapters and appliances plugged in and make sure your cords are not frayed
  4. Monitor open flames from cooking or candles as fire can spread rapidly if an open flame is left unattended.
  5. Always check your fire alarms and make sure they are functioning properly
  6. Inspect your furnace regularly and hire a professional to fix any issues

You can reduce the probability of having to file a claim by following these tips.  In our final blog of this series, we will discuss unique liability issues and how you can prevent them. For a better understanding of your homeowners’ insurance policy, and what is covered, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (844) 507-2528.

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