Insurance Coverage for Fallen Trees

Insurance Coverage for Fallen TreesQuestion: If a neighbor’s tree falls on my property, whose insurance policy covers the damage? Who is responsible for cleaning it up?

With spring storms here, many people are experiencing strong winds, lightening, hail, rains and other dangerous weather that can damage homes, garages, cars and other personal property. One way your property can be damaged during these storms is by a tree falling. Fallen trees can cause power outages, damage your roof or break windows.

In most cases a standard homeowners’ insurance policy will provide coverage for any damage caused if the tree hits an insured structure – like your home or garage, according to the Insurance Information Institute. It’s important to note that it does not matter if the tree is yours or your neighbors, you can still file a claim with your insurance company. Be sure to contact your agent to let them know you’ve had damage to your property.

When it comes time to clean up the tree itself, check your insurance policy. If the tree falls on an insured structure, there is generally coverage for the expenses associated with removing the tree. The exact amount depends on the type of policy you have, and who you’re insured through.

While your homeowners’ insurance provides coverage for damage caused by trees, it’s always a good idea to keep trees trimmed back from your home to avoid damage from fallen branches. If you’re interested in learning more about how your homeowners’ insurance policy protects your home, the AssuredPartners NL team of personal insurance agents can review your policy and identify any vulnerabilities or important gaps in your coverage. To learn more, or contact an agent visit: AssuredPartners NL Personal Insurance.

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