Insuring your Senior Living Facility: Extra Outbreak Coverages

Insuring your Senior Living Facility: Extra Outbreak CoveragesFor senior living facility owners, protecting your business, residents and staff is paramount. Your administrators and staff take preventive steps to curb outbreaks of infection, disease and injuries, but sometimes contagions manage to surface despite best efforts. When this happens, it’s possible for business operations to be suspended by public health officials, which can cause damage to your business’ revenue and reputation. A special insurance policy, called extra outbreak coverage, can help business owners can protect their facilities by kicking in under these circumstances.

An extra outbreak coverage policy responds to many outbreaks including: Legionnaires, E. Coli, flu, salmonella and other viral and bacterial infections. These contagions often infect people with weakened immune systems and chronic diseases. Senior living facilities are particularly vulnerable to these types of infections because of the resident demographics – typically people who are older, may have a weakened immune system and/or chronic diseases.  Depending on your policy, this type of coverage can pay out a limit that can be used for unexpected expenses associated with an outbreak, including the necessary compliance steps, payroll expenses, and public relations and advertising efforts to help get your business back on track.

Have you done everything possible to protect your business from disaster? If you’re not sure, talk with your insurance agent. Your agent can review your policy to determine if there are additional coverages that should be added onto your policy to protect your business from disease or infection outbreaks. To learn more about the AssuredPartners NL senior living team by contacting an agent, click here: AssuredPartners NL Senior Living.

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