Keeping Kids Safe from Backyard Dangers

Personal LinesWith the nice weather and longer days, your kids are likely spending time playing outside. Although it is a child’s favorite past time, it isn’t always the safest. Â equipment between 2009 and 2014.

If you have a swing set in your backyard, you might want to consider increasing liability coverage with an umbrella policy. An umbrella liability policy will help cover the cost of someone being injured while on your property. To avoid an injury and even a lawsuit, follow these playground safety recommendations:

  • There should always be adult supervision to ensure the child is using the equipment properly.
  • Do not tie rope, string or pet leashes around playground equipment, as children can strangle.
  • Make sure that the surface around the playground consists of mulch, sand, or rubber mats.
  • Test the heat of the playground equipment with your hand before letting children play on it with bare skin. Sunlight can heat the equipment which can burn the skin.

Most insurance companies offer an umbrella liability policy that can supplement your homeowner’s liability insurance and help cover an injury sustained in your yard. To learn more about this coverage or to add an umbrella policy, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (844) 507-2528.

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