Lead Safe Renovation

Jul 25 - PL - Lead Safe RenovationQuestions about lead poisoning have resurfaced in recent years. Children under the age of six years old are the most at risk; they often touch objects that could be contaminated with lead dust and then put their hands into their mouths. If your home was built prior to 1978, it could have lead-based paint inside. Here are some ways to minimize the dangers of lead poisoning if you are planning to renovate or paint inside your home:

  • Get the right equipment including respiratory protection, protective clothing, disposable shoe covers and a painter’s hat
  • Work safely by removing all objects from the work area, protecting it with plastic sheeting and closing doors and windows in the work area
  • Leave the work area clean at the end of each day. It helps to pick up as you go, vacuum the work area frequently and wash up each time you take a break
  • Consider hiring a certified lead reduction contractor or inspector, as well as a RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) contractor

If lead-based paint is in your home you need to disclose this information when you sold your home. Some states have even passed laws enforcing strict liability on owners of residential properties in which dangerous levels of lead are found, despite whether the owner knew of lead on the property. To learn more about ways to prevent lead poisoning in your home, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (888) 702-0901.

Source: EPA

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