How to Report a Commercial Insurance Claim

How to Make a Commercial Insurance Claim Insurance helps businesses of all sizes protect their operations, office buildings and employees. The right insurance coverage can help your business recover from repercussions stemming from incidents that happen both on and off-site and protect company assets by mitigating the loss. These incidents could include a customer falling and injuring themselves on your property, an employee getting in a car accident while using a company car, or your building suffering from property damage, like burst pipes or fire damage.

When incidents occur, the first step toward recovery is to file a claim with your insurance company. Making a claim initiates the recovery process, and helps get your business operations back to normal as quickly as possible or preserve evidence to defend a claim with inflated damages. At AssuredPartners NL, our clients have two options to make a claim:

  1. During regular business hours, you should notify AssuredPartners NL by phone or email. You can contact your producer or the claims team member identified in your proposal or claims packet. Once you connect with AssuredPartners NL, we’ll contact the carrier on your behalf and work with the carrier to assist in resolving questions regarding the claim. This can include following up with the carrier to ensure the claim is processed and assigned in a timely manner.
  2. If it’s after hours, a holiday or a weekend and the claim needs to be reported immediately, visit the AssuredPartners NL Resource Center to report a claim directly to the carrier listed on your policy. Once your claim is filed, also be sure to contact AssuredPartners NL to let us know there was an incident. To file a claim with your carrier, follow these easy steps:
    • Visit and go to Report a Claim, located under the Resource Center tab at the top of the page
    • Then, look at the File a Commercial Insurance Claim section and locate your carrier
    • Contact your carrier using the method listed

Dealing with the fallout from a claim can be frustrating. It’s important to keep track of all documents relating to the incident – like invoices or receipts for emergency repairs, incident reports outlining the injured parties, security tapes and police reports outlining the accident, if necessary. Proper documentation can help your claim be processed and resolved more quickly.

At AssuredPartners NL, our claims team acts as an advocate on your behalf to help your business recover from damages as fully and quickly as possible. To learn more or to contact us, visit: AssuredPartners NL CORE Solutions.

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