May is Employee Health & Fitness Month

It’s Employee Health & Fitness MonthMay is Employee Health & Fitness Month, and a great time to encourage your organization’s employees to get active, and internally promote healthy eating. Employee Health & Fitness Month was created by the National Association for Health and Fitness and ACTIVE Life, and is an observance of health and fitness in the workplace.

Studies show that healthy employees are more productive, and help organization’s reduce their health care expenses. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to either reevaluate your existing wellness program, or kick off a new wellness program. Here are some ideas for incorporating health and fitness into your organization and promote wellness to employees:

  • Start a running club – employees can meet either before or after work, or at lunch, and go on regular runs with their colleagues. Running can improve health, prevent disease and help employees get fit. Running with coworkers is also good for building camaraderie.
  • Walk moreThe Mayo Clinic suggests parking vehicles a few blocks from the office to squeeze in more steps. Employees can also take the stairs, or walk on their breaks. Exercising for even just chunks of a few minutes several times throughout the day helps adults stay healthy.
  • Start a tobacco cessation program – smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, along with causing many other types of cancer including throat, mouth, stomach, and kidney cancers. Offer employees a chance to quit with the support of a tobacco cessation program.

Is your organization doing anything special for Employee Health & Fitness Month? For more employee wellness tips, be sure to check out Three Ways to Promote Healthy Eating in Your Wellness Program, and the Wellness at Work: Simple Ways to Exercise at Your Desk blog posts. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a workplace wellness program, contact the AssuredPartners NL Employee Benefits team.

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