Modern Homes More Likely to Burn Faster

Personal LinesOctober is Fire Prevention Month and as it gets cooler outside, many Americans will turn to fires in the chimney and space heaters leading to higher fire risk.

Data collected by Angie’s List unveils modern homes burn increasingly faster than older homes. Fire safety experts used to say that homeowners have 17 minutes to escape a house fire safely. It is now down to five minutes due to engineered lumber, synthetic furnishings and open floorplans turning fires into a flashover– where everything in a room is consumed by fire.

Due to alarming flashover rate, and formation of toxic smoke, which is ultimately the cause of death for victims of house fires, safety experts recommend installing home sprinkler systems. Having a sprinkler system can cut your chance of dying in a fire by 80 percent. If you can’t afford a sprinkler system, have a fire extinguisher on hand and make sure that all alarms are working throughout the home.

Fire safety experts are not the only ones recommending home sprinkler systems. Insurance companies recommend having a sprinkler system on top of insurance coverage. Our agents can work with you to identify the best fire safety plan and sprinkler coverage for your family. To learn more about the AssuredPartners NL personal insurance options, or to contact an agent, visit: AssuredPartners NL Personal Insurance.

Source: NFPA, Angie’s List

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