National Fun at Work Day

WellnessWho says work can’t be fun? National Fun at Work Day on January 28 is an unofficial American holiday, but we’re proposing it be celebrated nationwide! Since the 28th falls on a Saturday, celebrate on Friday the 27th. According to Forbes magazine, “Beyond salary, psychological and social fulfillment can determine which employees are motivated to stay, perform, and contribute to organizational success.”

It is a year-round effort to create a company culture that contributes to happy, engaged employees, and it is understandable that fun cannot be an everyday affair. If you’re looking for a way to kick the new year off with fun and improve employee morale after a break, try some of these tips for National Fun at Work Day:

  • Set up trashcans around the office like basketball hoops and encourage employees to toss their trash in for a point.
  • Play music throughout the day to keep the mood light and fun.
  • If your office or team has morning meetings, have a few people share their favorite joke.
  • Take an hour out of the day to have a friendly team competition – play trivia or have a scavenger hunt.
  • Have a theme day where employees dress up.

Remember that happy employees mean happy customers. Having a designated fun day or days will lead to overall improved employee satisfaction and wellness. Many companies offer wellness programs which include fun activities. If you are interested in creating or enhancing a wellness program at your organization this year, contact the AssuredPartners NL Director of Health & Productivity.

Source: addtransit, Forbes Magazine

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