New Social Media Training Kit Published for Senior Living Communities

Senior Living - Social MediaRecently, the American Health Care Association published new instructions in a training kit on how to prevent employees from abusing residents on social media. The training kit provides explanations of different social media policies, recommendations for employee usage policies, and directives on how to report inappropriate media usage.

Incorporated in the training kit are detailed instructions on how to manage social media posts that include demeaning comments, photos and videos. Several care facilities have not established any social media guidelines, since they are not actively involved in the platforms.

As the social media world expands, the elderly population deserves quality nursing home care, which degradation of its patients does not satisfy. This urges you to be proactive, while considering insurance to protect your residents and community in the event that this occurs. To learn more information about assisting and addressing this social media issue, contact an AssuredPartners NL Senior Living Agent.

Source: American Health Care Association

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