Wherever you need us

Think about the different personal assets in your life. Where do you think you might need some extra protection? It doesn’t matter where your liability needs take you. At AssuredPartners NL, we write business in all 50 states, and evaluate your requirements from every angle.

Liability insurance from AssuredPartners NL protects your assets, whenever and wherever you are. With our national resources, attention to detail, and unique approach to managing risk, we deliver personal attention and quality insurance programs.

Whatever you need

Here are some types of liability insurance we offer:

  • Umbrella Insurance: To keep you covered in the event the limits of your liability insurance on any of your personal policies are met or run out. Whether it’s your boat insurance, car insurance or even your homeowners insurance an umbrella insurance policy can cover you. This type of policy can extend the liability limits of your umbrella policy.
  • Event Liability Insurance: Your homeowners insurance is not going to cover events on your property, such as weddings, or events where alcohol is involved. Your event liability insurance can bundle several liability policies together, such as wedding insurance or liquor liability insurance, saving you money and keeping you safe.

Why additional liability coverage?

Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society. That means it’s not uncommon to be faced by a lawsuit at some point in time. If you’re involved in a multiple car pile-up and more than one person or vehicle is damaged, will your liability insurance be enough to cover the costs should you get sued for damages? Most likely not, without additional coverage.

With an umbrella insurance policy, once the costs exceed the limits of your liability, the additional liability coverage kicks in. This means that if your auto insurance pays $50,000 of property damage in the above accident, but the cost of those expenses is beyond that, your umbrella policy (which will typically have a limit of $1 million to $5 million) can cover the additional expenses.

Your agent for everything

When it comes to your liability needs, we insure more than just your home. We offer coverage for motorcycles, rental property, health insurance, and more. If you own a business, we can provide excess liability insurance for that, too.

At AssuredPartners NL, we have the resources and capabilities of a large insurance company, with the services and individual attention of a local agency. Whether you just bought your first home, started a family, or made your umpteenth investment in a collectible – we want to take care of you.

Contact us at 844-507-2528 or fill out an online form. We’ll be in touch soon to get a better understanding of your personal needs and get you the protection you deserve.