Preventing 5 Common Home Threats

Personal LinesHome sweet home is the place you feel safe; at least that is the way it should be. The unfortunate reality is that most homes are vulnerable to safety and security risks. These risks require homeowners and renters to take additional steps to keep the home safe. Here are five common home threats and tips to help prevent them:

  1. Burglary – Burglaries happen every 20 seconds in the U.S. with most occurring during the day when no one is home. The best way to protect a home is installing a security system which may even earn you a discount on your homeowners insurance.
  2. Poisoning – Keep prescription drugs out of reach from children and install CO detectors on every floor of your home. The National Safety Council reports that 90 percent of poisonings happen at home and are the leading cause of unintentional death.
  3. Home Fires – according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), seven people die from house fires every day. Have a fire escape plan and practice it twice a year. Make sure that there are smoke detectors on every floor that work properly as well as a fire extinguisher.
  4. Natural Disasters – Homeowners are at risk of natural disasters no matter what part of the country you live in. Be prepared by compiling a 72-hour emergency kit with things you need if you have to leave your home quickly.
  5. Falls – Falls are very common in households and can lead to broken bones, cuts and head injuries. In order to help prevent falls, declutter your home, make sure toys and cords are put away and rugs are lying flat.

These may seem like simple solutions but they will help eliminate the threat of unwanted risk in your household. Purchasing additional homeowner’s coverage or certain technology to alert of danger can also help you to be prepared. To learn more about risk prevention or to ensure you are adequately covered, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (844) 507-2528.

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