Protect your Specialty Property

Personal LinesDid you receive a lavish gift such as fine jewelry, fur or art this holiday? If so, you will want to make sure your specialty property is covered in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged. These gifts are not just monetary; they can hold sentimental value to the owner. The sentimental value pieces are irreplaceable so taking the proper steps to secure and protect them is critical.

The following are four considerations you should take to protect your valuable possessions:

  • Have each piece appraised to determine its value
  • Keep updated records of each piece including a photo and the appraisal documents in a safe location
  • Store items that aren’t worn often in a safety deposit box
  • Talk with your AssuredPartners NL agent to understand your current coverage and determine if an additional policy is needed

While homeowners’ policies typically insure specialty property up to a certain limit, that limit may not be high enough to repair or replace it. Benefits of protecting your items include broader coverage and typically no deductible. To learn more about protecting your specialty property, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (844) 507-2528

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