Recruiting & Retaining Millennial Talent

wellnessMillennials are quickly taking over the workplace as the younger generations enter the professional workforce. Employers have struggled to understand what millennials look for in their professional careers and what will entice them to stay with the company. The challenge many employers face is how to recruit and retain this generation of workers.

As job hunting becomes more like shopping, employers must understand that the new generation “shops” for a company that will help them grow professionally and personally, and offers exceptional benefits. An article published by the Harvard Business Review reveals that, “young job hunters ‘shop’ for jobs that support their personal needs and goals.” An employee wellness program can support these needs and serve as an attractive perk of working for your company.

Three ways you can shape your wellness program to help recruit and maintain millennials are:

  1. Create a culture of wellness
  2. Keep your employees engaged at work and in the wellness program
  3. Focus on convenience of wellness information

Unfortunately, not all companies offer a corporate wellness program, especially one that is meaningful and engaging. If your company is struggling to recruit and retain millennials, consider starting a wellness program. For more information on corporate wellness programs, contact an AssuredPartners NL Director of Health and Productivity.

Sources: Forbes, Harvard Business Review

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