What is a Return to Work Program?

What is a Return to Work Program?Whether your organization has 10 or 10,000 employees, it’s imperative to take precautions to protect the people that work for you. This includes those employed directly by the organization, those hired contract work, and those with whom you do business. You can protect the people that work for you, and with you, by taking several proactive steps, including securing the right combination of workers’ compensation coverage, instituting a workplace safety program, and creating a return to work program.

A return to work program is a policy in place for injured or ill employees, and can work in conjunction with the workplace safety program. According to Zywave, studies show that a well-constructed return to work policy reduces lost time days, allows workers to recover more quickly and makes for a more positive work environment.

Oftentimes, the longer injured employees are unable to work, the smaller the likelihood that they will return to their jobs. Return to work programs provides employees with the opportunity to perform different work activities when they are temporarily unable to perform their regular work, due to injury or illness. A return to work program enables employees to transition to modified work activities, while still contributing meaningful work to the company.

If you’re interested in learning more about return to work programs, and how this type of policy can benefit your business, our team of dedicated property & casualty specialists can help. Our specialists can share important guidelines to keep in mind when creating a return to work policy, and offer counseling on what strategies work best for your company. If you already have a return to work program in place, our specialists can also review your existing program to ensure it meets the guidelines. To learn more or contact an agent, visit: AssuredPartners NL Property & Casualty.

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