Risk Management Dashboard for EHR Users

Jul 18 - Senior Living - QA ReaderResident safety and quality care delivery is the highest priority in the senior living industry.  Recently, Risk Management Solutions partnered with QA Reader to bring a new solution to Senior Care Providers to help manage resident safety issues. QA Reader provides real-time risk manager reviews of serious events. It automatically detects possibly serious events and routes them to their Senior Living clinical risk managers. Then, clinical risk managers review these triaged incidents and offer recommendations to reduce future resident risk.

Contrary from others, QA Reader incorporates detailed analysis, Senior Living specialization, and expert risk managers in order to become a sincere industry partner. Its users even report a nine times Return on Investment (ROI) with QA Reader.

QA Reader is the only all-inclusive provider of event management and risk analysis. To learn more about ways you and your employees can identify root causes of resident safety issues quickly and accurately through QA Reader, contact Risk Management Solutions Clinical Risk Manager.

Source: QA Reader

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