Energy Solutions

shutterstock_61884094AssuredPartners NL Energy Solutions possesses a board array of expertise to help clients of all sizes, types and energy needs to lower and maximize their energy use and costs.  Comprehensive services identify opportunities to reduce costs, increase cash flow and enhance efficiency.  Services include:

Commercial Energy Supply
As a licensed energy broker, our proprietary digital platform has 24/7 access to 40+ energy suppliers nationwide.  This allows rapid development/delivery of custom plans for discounted electric and natural gas in deregulated states for commercial, industrial and residential users.  Our flexible technology permits us to provide real time energy procurement, in-house energy management and the development/administration of affinity programs.

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Energy Consulting
We provide professional consulting and energy evaluation to businesses.  Experts analyze and audit current energy use and costs to develop affordable, optimal energy consumption and spending solutions that incorporate all tax and financing incentives.

Renewable Energy Solutions
We design, execute and support an array of solutions to permanently reduce energy costs using solar, cogeneration and/or wind energy sources.  Notably, as part of our efforts to incorporate all available tax and financing incentives, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing significantly raises renewable projects’ financial viability by uniquely addressing capital investment and payment needs.

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