Tax Solutions: Cost Segregation

shutterstock_15013609Uncover Your Property’s Tax & Cash Flow Potential with Cost Segregation

Whether constructing a new building, buying an existing one, rehabbing an old facility or relocating with leasehold improvements, cost segregation can uncover substantial tax benefits that are literally buried in your property’s walls, ceilings and floors.

AssuredPartners NL Tax Solutions produces state-of-the-art, IRS-compliant cost segregation studies that maximize an owner’s tax benefits from the qualified depreciation of commercial property.

Cost segregation is a legitimate, underused tax strategy for commercial property owners that:

  • Uses experts in taxes and engineering to study all costs to build, acquire or renovate a building
  • Properly classifies all building components in accurate detail for tax purposes
  • Identifies substantial amounts of accelerated depreciation to maximize tax deductions that lower reported income for immediate and long-term tax benefits
  • Permits “catch-up” depreciation for misclassified assets
  • Allows additional write-offs when long-term assets are replaced
  • Produces an independent third party document which withstands IRS scrutiny while complying with new capitalization/expensing regulations

AP NL cost segregation studies:

  • Are detailed, engineering based – the method preferred by the IRS
  • Are conducted by the field’s leading tax and engineering experts
    • With 75+ years of combined experience in completing over 12,000 studies
    • Include the only individual recognized by the US Tax Courts as an expert witness in cost segregation
    • Have a virtually flawless audit record
  • Classify the entire building unlike most other studies to
    • Maximize allowable depreciation deductions (up to 20% more identified)
    • Provide additional benefits in retiring long-term assets like the roof and HVA
  • Generate a substantial return on investment – 10 to 1 or higher

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