Avalon Mediation Services

Avalon Mediation ServicesQuick and Controlled Conflict Resolution

Avalon Mediation Services, LLC provides mediation resources and services to individuals and businesses as a viable alternative to further legal action. Our mission is to prevent the harmful physical, emotional, and economic effects of unresolved conflicts for individuals, families, and businesses. Our primary focus is to obtain a mutually agreeable outcome with all involved parties, settle disagreements, and reach closure.

Areas we serve:

  • Workplace/employment disputes: issues involving harassment, discrimination, terminations and Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Premise liability disputes: issues involving visitors that are injured on a business’ property.
  • Personal injury disputes: individuals that are injured during medical, dental, or long-term care professional services. Injuries involving car accidents, legal, and other professional malpractice disputes.
  • Insurance coverage disputes: benefits denial, a dispute between multiple insurance carriers on what policy covers a claim or percentage of payment owed to an injured party.

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