RMSC Safety Sentinel – May 2014

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May 2014

NIOSH Addresses Smart Phone Apps for Noise Measurement

Around 60% of all mobile telephone subscribers make use of ‘smartphones’. This means that there are about 140 million smartphone devices in action at any given time. Smartphone developers now offer many sound measurement applications (apps) which utilize the devices’ built-in microphones. The use of apps for noise measurement can be very empowering and have tremendous impact concerning noise control in the workplace, since each of these devices can potentially be turned into a sound level meter or noise dosimeter. NIOSH has observed these ongoing trends, and decided to evaluate the accuracy of common noise measurement apps. To see the results of their evaluation follow the link to access NIOSH’s science blog:


Team up for Safety’s Sake

A team consists of two or more individuals working toward a common goal. When we think about teamwork it is usually in the context of completing a task or job together. The key to working effectively and efficiently is to set up teams so that one person’s weaknesses are offset by another person’s strengths. For example one person could be stronger and able to lift more; taller and able to reach further; or even better with numbers and math. Allowing each team member to express their opinions from their own unique set of knowledge and experience will solve even the most difficult of problems. Follow these tips to ensure good teamwork at your job:

  • Communicate regularly with co-workers to maintain safety
  • Notify all co-workers of hazards, especially new ones since they’re more likely to become injured.
  • Always follow the correct procedures. Shortcuts can create hazards for you and your coworkers
  • Be aware of your surroundings; what’s going on around you, and the locations of co-workers.
  • Be sure to take safety training seriously – your co-workers depend on you.

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