Should You Buy Rental Car Insurance?

Blog July Rental CarsWhen it comes to rental cars, many do not recognize the gaps between regular insurance and rental insurance. Do you need rental car insurance? Is it a waste of money? Consider all of the options.

  1. Review your personal auto policy to see if you are covered. If you have a high deductible or don’t have collision and comprehensive coverage, consider purchasing the rental car insurance.
  2. If your personal auto insurance does not cover rental cars, we recommend purchasing rental car insurance or calling your agent to add rental coverage to your policy. Be aware that rental companies frequently charge extra fees that your regular policy will not cover
  3. Check with your credit card company. Some credit card companies provide secondary coverage that deal with the extra charges that your regular auto policy won’t cover.

Rental car insurance is not always required, depending on the state in which you are driving.  Unless you are prepared and willing to cover all the costs of a potential accident, it may be in your best interest to buy rental car insurance if you do not have regular auto insurance or do not own a car. To add rental insurance to your policy or learn more about rental car coverage, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (888) 702-0901.

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