The Most Common Causes of Healthcare Breaches

Senior Living According to Experian, healthcare organizations will be the most targeted sector with new, sophisticated attacks emerging. The top causes of security breaches of healthcare data can all be prevented with the right measures. According to Verizon Enterprise Solutions, the three most common security problems are the loss or theft of laptops, improper or criminal accessing of credentials to information systems, or accidental errors, such as sending sensitive information to the wrong person. These errors can be reduced by implementing the following:

  • Risk assessments
  • Continuous HIPAA education for employees
  • Devices and records monitoring
  • Subnet wireless networks
  • Identity management and access of users
  • Data and hardware encryption

Gaps in security are huge in the healthcare industry. Data will continue to be compromised until the necessary steps are taken to protect resident information. For assistance on implementing security measures to prevent a data breach at your community, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL Senior Living agent.

Sources: Information Management, Managed Solutions, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, CIO, Experian

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