The New Bill Proposed to Protect Nurses’ Careers

shutterstock_216511609In the senior living industry, a common, and often career-ending, injury occurs from manually lifting residents. In response to this identified risk, a new bill (H.R. 4266/S. 2408) has been proposed and is supported by the American Nurses Association to establish a national occupational safety standard that would eliminate manual lifting of patients by registered nurses and health care workers through the use of modern technology and safety controls.  Additionally, healthcare employers would be required to implement a comprehensive safe patient handling and mobility program and educate and train their workers in proper use and practices.

Resident advocates may disagree with the proposed bill though as residents are often uncomfortable with or reject assistive devices such as slings. With the focus on residents being more involved in the decision-making processes on all aspects of their care, if the bill passes, providers are going to face significant challenges managing the two sides.

Senior living communities are constantly looking for ways to maximize the safety of their workers while advocating for resident rights at the same time. AssuredPartners NL can help your organization implement standards and train your staff on current risk management and safety procedures.  For more information, contact an AssuredPartners NL Senior Living Agent.

Sources: American Nurses Association and Long-Term Living

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