Three Individual Insurance Resolutions for 2014

Three Individual Insurance Resolutions for 2014With the New Year just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about resolutions. For many people, a new year means a fresh slate and the chance to tackle a particular aspect of our lives from a new approach. For 2014, I challenge you to take a few hours to thoroughly review your insurance policies and plans. An insurance policy is often something we take for granted, until it’s actually needed. Now is the time to make sure your policy is up to date and that it covers what’s important to you and your family.

In 2014, make a resolution to:

  • Take a home inventory
    With the holidays behind us, you may have received gifts that should be covered by insurance. Take a home inventory and make a list or a video recording of all the contents in your house. This includes new jewelry, electronics and clothing that you may have received as a gift. A home inventory is important because it will help account for the contents in your house in the event of a disaster. Depending on your insurance coverage, your insurance company may give you money to replace any items that are stolen or damaged.
  • Review your homeowners’ insurance policy
    When was the last time you reviewed your homeowners’ insurance policy? Chances are, if you’ve made any improvements to your home or other structures on your property like sheds or garages, then your policy needs to be updated. If you’ve done work on your house in the last year, make sure your investment is protected with the right insurance coverage.
  • Review your auto insurance policy
    Did you take advantage of the holiday sales and buy a new car recently? Make sure you’re taking advantage of bundling options to save money on your homeowners’ and auto insurance. Also, depending on the age of your car, you might want to make some adjustments to your insurance coverage to help save money.

With the right coverages, your insurance policy can help safeguard your life from disaster. Make a resolution for yourself to review your individual insurance policies to ensure 2014 will be a safe year. Have questions about your policies? The AssuredPartners NL Individual Insurance team can help you arrange the right coverage for your home, car and family. To contact an agent or learn more, visit: AssuredPartners NL Individual Insurance.

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